Who is the UWorld Community?

Our members are entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, business leaders, volunteers, civil-society leaders, policymakers and philanthropists bringing together knowledge, networks and capital for sustained positive impact.

UWorld A Community of Opportunity

UWorld is a platform for the global community to connect, share ideas and come together to build solutions to real world challenges.

The platform enables entrepreneurs to raise finance for their projects and investors to find attractive investment opportunities which the broader community can support with work and volunteering. UWorld brings together the community both through online, the metaverse and physical spaces to enable members to build meaningful relationships, long-lasting friendships and partners.

Underpinning the UWorld community are seven pillars – UFoundation, UCapital, UTokenize, USafe, UGold, UStore and UMoney forming an ecosystem which will ultimately be run as a decentralized autonomous organization(DAO) with each separate company designed to work interdependently in the UWorld ecosystem.

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Several metrics determine the success of the UWorld ecosystem. The primary is that of building a global community. Only through direct interaction with global communities can the needs of any individual or group be expressed uninhibited and free from interlopers such as politics, cultures, nationalism, etc. It isn’t that these things are good or bad. Still, we want everyone, no matter who they are or where they are, to express themselves so that their needs are met sometimes through charity, through an opportunity to create, supplement or support economic structures or to have their voice heard. We are building an ecosystem where people can truly express themselves.

We Build UWorld
For U
Our Smart Contract
Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy Once a condition is met, the contract is executed immediately. Because smart contracts are digital and automated, there’s no paperwork to process and no time spent reconciling errors that often result from manually filling in documents.
Transparency Because there's no third party involved, and because encrypted records of transactions are shared across participants, there’s no need to question whether information has been altered for personal benefit.
Security Blockchain transaction records are encrypted, which makes them very hard to hack. Moreover, because each record is connected to the previous and subsequent records on a distributed ledger, hackers would have to alter the entire chain to change a single record.
Cost Efficient Smart contracts remove the need for intermediaries to handle transactions and, by extension, their associated time delays and fees.
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Become a part of what shapes UWorld moving forward. The community come together to form an environmentally conscious social hub where people of all backgrounds can interact, share industry insights and support one another in a safe and secure environment.

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